Oil & Vinegar

Olive oil is the fuel of the Mediterranean, an indispensable flavour enhancer and comes in many forms. It is at its best in the extra virgin state, full of flavour and with the added benefit of having great health properties. Olive oil is achieved by transforming the fruit into olive paste by crushing or pressing and then the paste is slowly churned. The end result is achieved by separating the liquid matter and fruit pulp with a press or centrifugation. This “golden nectar” is produced from olive groves 150 years old without pesticides and plant protection products. Granarolo Retail & Trade carries a number of other types of oil to meet cooking needs.

Natural accompaniment to olive oil is vinegar and in particular the fragrant balsamic vinegar, another product said to have healing properties. The vinegar is made by crushing Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes and the juice is concentrated through simmering in copper cauldrons over wood fires until it is reduced to about 40 percent of its natural weight. The last stage of the process sees the vinegar placed in wooden barrels of oak, cherry, mulberry, chestnut and juniper for ageing.

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